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[suse-security] eSignal

This weekend I have to (want to) install eSignal-Software on Windows behind a 
Linux Firewall. It will collect data (real-time exchange-quotes) from 
different servers: "The communications between the client and server use both 
the "query-response" type and active/streaming technology (TCP). "

First question, does anybody on this list has allreday experience with this 
(copy and paste some settings of firewall and/or squid?).

The second question-part is about the power that has to have the firewall-pc 
(right now a little bit old) if squid is installed. 

- Does squid consume a lot 'power' memory and diskspace, 
	what would be a recommandation? There is no need to save 
	the data on the firewall for another pc.
-  The real-time data shold be handed to the program as 
    soon as possible, of course.

Now some questions about things I haven't heared so far.

	"You may use a proxy server if it is SOCKS v4, v4.3A or v5 compliant."
Is that ok with Squid?

This is a special note form the eSignal-site - what does this mean?
How can I make the firewall/squid to 'toggle' between IP- and 

- Please note: eSignal applications do not support authentication queries from
- the firewall/proxy server. It is strongly recommended that you use IP
- authentication instead of user authentication; otherwise, the eSignal
- application program on the client machine will not be able to access its
- Internet servers. 

Thanks to all in advance,

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