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Re: [suse-security] Discontinued SuSE Linux Distributions ( when will this happen to 7.2?)


Is it possible to download the SuSE iso images for i386? If it is possible, where can I do it?

thanks in advanced,

Jerry A! wrote:
On Wed, May 14, 2003 at 11:33:52AM +0200, Roman Drahtmueller wrote:
: > > > It will happen when the version _after_ 8.2 is available on ftp.
: > >
: > > 8.2 is _available_ on ftp, thats why _7.1_ was _discontinued_.
: > >
: >
: > We are using the occasion to kill one while another gets born. So the
: > benefit for the community remains the same.
: >
: > Roman.
: : There is something I forgot to add: There is a new directory on the ftp
: server: /pub/suse/axp/supplementary/8.1/. It is a SuSE Linux 8.1 for
: AXP/Alpha. The tree is located in the supplementary directory _because_
: this distribution will not see any updates. The idea behind it is that
: we would like to publish what we have (and what we use internally) to
: provide a service for the community, and since we have removed the
: last axp distribution from the list of distributions that get updates,
: it's a good idea to at least publish a new one.
:  We can't provide any updates for the 8.1-axp distribution because we're
: lacking all kinds of resources for it: Machines (build hosts), testing/qa
: resources, ... There is no easy way of providing these resources without
: the necessary funding.

Would we be able to grab the SRPMs from the x86 side of the house and
compile them?  I wouldn't mind the extra work if I knew it was doable.


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