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Re: [suse-security] What's keeps changing my inet.d sequence (not entirely security related)

On Friday 23 May 2003 16:31, Peter Wiersig wrote:
> Ken Schneider wrote:
> > Here you have "$network and vmware", so wouldn't "$network
> > $vmware" make more sense?
> No, that makes no sense. The $ is the sign for an system script
> whereas vmware is a direct link to a named runlevel script.

No, Peter, that's the same mistake I made, and it is why I 
started this thread.

You are right about the $ bit (groups of services defined in 
/etc/insserv.conf)  but the vmware does not refer to a script
it refers to the name of something some other script PROVIDES.

In this case, the Provides in the vmware script is named 
VMware and if you don't get the capitalization right things
go wrong.

John Andersen

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