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Re: [suse-security] Linux Security Modules

Hello Thomas,

* Thomas Jones <thomas.jones@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2003-06-29 17:35]:
> Has anyone implemented LSM into a SuSE box as of yet? I tried a quick text
> search through the last 6 months or so of the list archive, but found no
> instance of this topic.
> I am particularly interested in utilizing the SELinux module. Possibly LIDS as
> well.

Yes, Carsten Grohmann has been maintaining SELinux-rpms for SuSE for a
while now. They can be found at his site 


These are definitely worth a look because SELinux needs some patching of
core-utilities, which is some work if you do it yourself as the
SuSE-packages may differ significantly from the vanilla-packets (added
functionality, patched etc)

I haven't found the time to test Carsten's packets yet, so I can't say
much more.  I have cc'ed Carsten, maybe he wants to comment further on
his work and the status of SELinux on SuSE.

Regarding LIDS: I do not know of any SuSE-specific work at the moment,
but LIDS does not need that much patching, so the distribution-specific
amount of work should not be that big. I have not yet tested LIDS (I am
leaning more towards SELinux) so you should take this with a grain of


> Thanks.
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