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Re: [suse-security] YOU on 7.3 Pro kills my server (how do I getupdates, if the updatetool needs as much cpu as M$ products?)

> > YOU versions prior to SuSE 8.2 download every single patch description
> > when you run it (even though you may have most of them on disk already.)
> > That is why they are so slow.
> Yeah, and 7.3 seems to store them in RAM and using 400MB RAM makes YOU
> slow on machines with less than half a gig RAM. I`ve never seen that
> behavior with SuSE 7.2 or >=8.0 and we`re running 7.2 Online Updates on
> P133 with 64MB RAM.
> Sven

Yes ideed, the Server is a PII-350/256 MB RAM and the load comes from
intensive swap use.
As read in the mail from Rafael E. Herrera my box is not to slow, but does
not support >256 MB RAM!
I tried YOU from console and via SSH and both times in several tests it
crashed my server (who runs his/her server anyway under X?).
After this damn situation I switched to fou4s, until it works better in the
new version and fits my needs better, than YOU!

I saw machines with P1-200/128MB running faster under Linux, than under any
other OS (because of my special runlevel edit ;-) ).

Is it possible to update Yast2 on older machines, or is it better to upgrade
the distribution.
The last step would be a long time duration, unless most things on my box
doesn't have nothing to do with the original distribution (kernel,
rightsmanagement, chattr, own compiled stuff ...).

A apt-get or an up2date of Debian or Red Hat makes the life much more easy.
This should be shipped with YOU a console-version (text only, no
ui-ncurses-2.x.y version).
For example: "yast --console --update" would be a fine solution for
cron-jobs, compared to any distribution I tested (compared to fou4s, thats
not supported by SuSE but a fine thing)!


P.S.: A big greeting to SuSE for the new You in 8.2 it really works faster
and is more reliable, than the old version.
P.S.S.: A second big greeting to SuSE for the new and better kernel (now my
promise LVM works without the special promise kernel and different other
stuff -> AMD, that works better).

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