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[suse-security] Strange entry in message-log?


sorry I'm not very used with the entries in the message-log, though I can't
identify, if the following lines are harmless (because the system has done
something for which it uses root rights) or dangerous (because someone has
hacked the box an got root rights for the user nobody)

Jul  3 00:15:12 www PAM-unix2[4780]: session started for user nobody,
service su
Jul  3 00:16:54 www PAM-unix2[4780]: session finished for user nobody,
service su

The Linux-Box runs SuSE-Linux 7.2 Kernel 2.4.7 - it denies connections other
from our router (i hope so) and runs apache 1.3.26, tomcat 4.0.2, php 4.0.1.

Can anyone help with a hint?

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