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[suse-security] Re: Root user

[Markus Gaugusch]

> Although it IS possible to add another user with UID 0, it is not
> recommended to do so for several reasons (and currently I'm too stupid
> to find name one ... shame on me ;)

I once used to have a `root' and a `root2', both having uid 0 in
`/etc/passwd', and I used this for quite a while, and do not remember
any adverse effect.  Oh, maybe that with `ls', `root2' created files will
appear as owned by `root', but this never bothered me.

So if someone was recommending me not to do so, I would be tempted to
ask for some explicit, convincing justification.

P.S. - `fou4s' has always been a little wonder.  Thanks for it! :-)

François Pinard   http://www.iro.umontreal.ca/~pinard

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