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Re[2]: [suse-security] HTTP Strange LOG

Hi Mathias,

I think we should keep OS flame wars out of this list. As anybody of us
knows, each OS is as good as its admin.

There are tons of unpatched IIS and also there are tons of unpatched
Linux servers with eg. old wu-ftpd.

Sorry, but I'm all fed up with this kind of discussion...


>Am Donnerstag, 10. Juli 2003 10:58 schrieb POULINGUE Cyril FTRD/SVA/LAN:
>>hi, this is a typical code-red worm attack trying to exploit a buffer
>>oberflow but youu don't have to worry about this. this worm only targets
>>microsoft IIS web servers
>... and the hole in IIS that gives this worm its backdoor was fixed
>when? ages ago?
>So the fact that this worm is still on the run shows the avertage brain
>capacity of the default microsoft admin.
>	MH

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