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Re: AW: [suse-security] strange behaviour useradd / usermod

mailinglists wrote:

if you change the password, did you use usermod -p CRYPTEDPASSWORD
or did you use a plaintext password? if plaintext, read man usermod
again ;)

Thanks, that's it. Just checked google on how to crypt passwords. Well...
How am I supposed to crypt the password? man crypt returns the man for crypt.h and 'whereis crypt' also points me to the same header file.
Is there a tool for that?

Hmm, i didn't find anything. The crypt-command is in the systemlibraries, no shell-command. And i know no shell-command which gives the crypted-password on stdout.

But look at chpasswd (man chpasswd), this tool expects a text-file, each line "user:cleartext-password" for a bulk-change of passwords.


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