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AW: [suse-security] Loading firewall script on boot time

Hi, Knut Erik,

> Why is my fwscript not loaded at boot time? When i do these steps
> manually, it will work.
You should put your script into /etc/rc.d. Then you have to
create a symbolic link in /etc/rc.d/rcX.d which points to your script.
X is the number of your default runlevel. If you don't know your default
runlevel, you can have a look at /etc/inittab. There it is defined.
The name of the link should begin with S and a high number, e.g.
S99, because it should be the last script to be executed.
But take care if you install any additional packets afterwards.
The system will compute the sequence of the startup scripts
again, and your script will then start with S00. This is because
some info in your script is missing which tells the system, namely
the program insserv, which other scripts/services/daemons have
to be started before. I haven't gone very deep into this subject yet.
If the SuSE guys have additional info, I appreciate it.
Ulrich Roth
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