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Re: [suse-security] Webmin security

Or just login via SSH as root but restrict access to your own external IP 
address if it's fixed. It's also possible to do reverse mapping so that the 
IP address can be checked against the host name but, again, this really 
implies a fixed IP address.

SSH uses a different method of login so isn't affected by the login 
restrictions that login has, i.e. you can comment out login in 

There are a couple of different authentication mechanisms including Kerberos 
or public key and you can also use a couple of other tools including scp to 
copy files back and forth between systems so you can download a file, edit it 
and check it works OK, (assuming you have a similar system to work on), and 
then upload it.

I use yast for most stuff or edit files for the more difficult things.


On Thursday 31 July 2003 17:50, Armin Schoech wrote:
> Hello !
> > My main question is if the Webmin is a good tool to do remote
> > administration or are better tools ?
> --> What about logging in via SSH as normal user and then "su" to root
> ? Then you have the same full control as if you were sitting in front
> of the box (except the possibility to press the power or reset button
> :-).
> If you use public key authentication and restrict the IPs that are
> allowed to connect to your SSH server, I think you are pretty secure.
> Bye,
> Armin

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