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[suse-security] Encrypted Directories and loopback

 According to the suse.com website, a new feature in 8.2 is 
"Encryption of directories and partitions ". I can't find a detailed 
explanation of what this entails or how to use it. My guess is that this 
is simply loopback encryption, and really isn't new(if so, it's dishonest 
to suggest that it's a new feature). I bought Suse 8.2 Pro soley because 
I thought that this is a new feature, but I can't find a good explanation 
of it anywhere.  

 Has anyone gotten anywhere with the directory encryption? Is it really 
just loopback, or is there some new feature that they just didn't document 
real well? I found the tool to add encrypted loopback devices in the 
partition manager, but can't find anything that supports the "encrypted 
folders claim. Could someone enlighten me please? 


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