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[suse-security] SuSE Security Announcement: openssh (SuSE-SA:2003:038) 7.3 ??

I have checked the "changelog" entry of openssh  and it shows NO patches. 
(The announcement shows for 7.3 still)   As a matter of fact, the 
changelog entries only show changes in 2001, and I have seen (and applied) 
openssh updates since then !?

My 8.0 machine is also not reflecting a change.

The two 8.2 boxes worked fine....Do I manually download the patches and 
apply ?

I use Yast2 - abandon all hope ?   Is there a problem with the 7.3 & 8.0 
ftp sites ?   (I have tried suse.com, gwdg.de, and leo.org) 
Suggestions/Comments ?

- Bill