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Re: [suse-security] Yast2 deletes root

Thomas Götz wrote:

Verified on 2 Systems SuSE 8.2

Yast Verion:

For some reason there are 2 root users on a system, e.g.

If one creates a new user with Yast 2, root will be deleted.


No real solution to the yast2-behavior, but (maybe) a solution to your problem:

Create 'emergency' as regular user, and allow him to sudo everything. Set its home to somewhere on the /-partition. So in an emergency, 'emergency' can log in and work. If the emergency is not too big, (s)he can 'sudo su -' and become 'root'. If that does not work, (s)he has to sudo every command issued.

(sudo resides in /usr/bin and needs /etc/sudoers so you want to make sure that these are also on the /-partition, in case you cannot mount other partitions)

There has been quite some discussion about the necessity of 2 different root users on other lists. It usually degenerates into flamewars, so let's not start getting into it... :)



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