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RE: [suse-security] ulimit -v workaround for the do_brk() bug does not work

Erik Hensema <erik@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> Maybe this has been discussed earlier today on this list, 
> but I've just joined it.
> I was told that doing a 'limit -v 2097151' would work around 
> the do_brk() bug. Unfortunately it does not :-(
> The sample exploit posted on bugtraq manages to reboot 
> my SuSE 8.2 machine (standard kernel) despite the ulimit.
> Erik Hensema (erik@xxxxxxxxxxx)

Hi Erik,

Roman in hiw original post suggested two other things
needed to be done to install this work around:

Add the line 

    ulimit -v 2097151    

as the second lines of /etc/init.d/rc and /etc/profile, 

and then execute the command itself in your shell 

and then restart all daemons that allow logins 
(xdm, sshd, inetd/xinetd, ...). 

Alternatively, simply reboot after adding the lines to above files:
Roman said this workaround is Courtesy of Solar Designer.  

(Note: The reboot is in lieu of restarting 
all daemons and not the editing of /etc/init.d/rc and /etc/profile.)
Further Note:  the above limit -v # was changed to reflect
Roaman's second post.)

It would be best to Read, the entire thread 
"RE: [suse-security] Bugs on Kernel 2.4" at:

Redhat has already put up their patch rpm,

I suspect SuSe's will be up soon, making this work around moot.

Hope this helps,
     In the Beginning was the Command Line 
                       ---Neal Stephenson 



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