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Re: [suse-security] do_brk - kernel update?

> > It's just that you can't make sure that the QA for such an update happens 
> > momentarily, even though all resources are working on it.
> I assume that your ressources are overloaded, and people can't assume the 
> fastest service for buying a 90 EUR box product. But even the 
> debian people made it, although they had this horrible break-in.

You'll see a demonstration of speed today.

I don't want to compare SUSE to Debian and vice versa. Yes, they do an 
excellent job, absolutely no doubt. But we're handling 5 distributions and 
similarly many business products on more than 6 architectures, and we have 
different requirements for QA than anybody else (all Distros).

The overall comparison should be quite positive for SUSE, especially if 
you take into account that we have been using several weeks (sometimes) 
for low-profile bugs, while the low profile ones have been passed every 
now and then by one or more high profile bugs. We handle those quite 

> > > PS: I've seen that the update kernel on 9.0 contains stack overflow 
> > > protection - I've been waiting for that for Years! But at least it is 
> > > there now :-))
> > If you guys are running rsync servers, you should disable these until our 
> > update packages are out.
> It is available over YOU - is there something wrong with that one?

There will be new ones, shortly.


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