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[suse-security] Off Topic SQUID

Hello All,

I know this is off topic but I would really appreciate it if anyone could mail me off list about a problem I am experiencing with a Squid server.

I nhave searched the Squid-cache.org mailing list archives and found many many similar requests, but no real solutions.

Any help much appreciated.

The infamous "zero sized reply"
specific to www.hotmail.com

My users are all able to browse to hotmail, but as soon as they log in the squid server returns a zero sized reply.

The reverse entries on the machine are correct, cache has been flushed, restarted etc etc.
I have tunred x-forwarded fo on and off, juggled my cache-mem cachwe tupe etc...

There is no upstream ICP and the firewall is not rejecting ANY packets related to these sessions.
(Acer 800MHz server - Intel, 1GB RAM, 2 x 20GB SCSI HDD - machine is running SuSEfirewall2, SQUID2.2 and Postfix - relaying mail to internal MS Exch server)
Any past experience would be good.

Kind Regards

Barry Gill

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