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Re: [suse-security] Can't boot after kernel update. Newbie needs help.


> My mistake: After the update I found som *.old files, and did rm *.old
> (stupid me) on all of them.

Ouch :)

> With CD-boot I can reach runlevel 5 and login in textmode, but with no
> network connections.

That's good. If you're at the prompt, mount your file system
and reinstall the modutils package

 mkdir /foo
 mount /dev/hdaXXX /foo		# select correct partition
 rpm --root /foo -e --nodeps modutils
 rpm --root /foo -ivh --force /media/cdrom/blablabla/modutils.rpm

Then re-create the initrd

 chroot /foo
 umount /foo
 reboot -f

Hope this helps
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