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Re: [suse-security] SuSE 9.0/Security updates

> > Well, RPM is not a magic ghost. It also deletes files and stored new
> > ones, as everybody else does.
> You didn't get my point. In previous versions, RPM behaved like I 
> described. It moved away the old file and deleted it. But with the new 
> version I can't see any files that have been deleted by the RPM system. 
> I just tested with "screen" - I opened a screen session and updated with 
> the new screen rpm from the SuSE FTP servers. Although screen is still 
> running, there are no deleted processes shown (SuSE 9.0).
> A re-test with SuSE 8.1 showed, that a file called "screen-RPMDELETE" has 
> been deleted and is still in use, which is what I expected.

Well, rpm must have created a new file and must have moved the new one in 
place after completing writing to it. It can't work otherwise: The binary 
is locked, resulting in a -EBUSY if you try to overwrite it:

$ cp /bin/cat .
$ ./cat > /dev/null &
[1] 4517
[1]  + 4517 suspended (tty input)  ./cat > /dev/null
$ cp /dev/null cat
cp: cannot create regular file `cat': Text file busy

So the fact that you don't see these files is either a bug, or you weren't 
root while you were trying. I am currently voting for the first, probably 
filing this as a kernel bug.

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