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Re: [suse-security] reiserfs (was kupdated)


Reiser is fast and looses it's data fast as well, if there are any
disc-problems - Better use ext3!

Sounds more like FUD, or can you substantiate that?

Although this is not then "suse-filesystem" mailing list ... ;)

I also stopped using ReiserFS on our servers, because of bad experiences. ReiserFS is very fast, but on two occasions (Power failure with no UPS) we had heavily corrupted file systems (with data loss), server was running SuSE 7.0 and 7.2. Another corrupted ReiserFS caused troubles on our mailserver (no power failure), we still don't know why the filesystem was corrupted.

On my home system i suddenly noticed corrupt files. There was no poweroutage or problems with my hardware and reiserfs check with rebuild trees fixed the errors.

I switched over to ext3 from ReiserFS, when i migrated our productions servers from SuSE to Debian and im using ext3 on my SuSE Workstation and home PC. I never regretted that change (yes we had bad events with powerfailure or admins that removed the wrong cable in the rack).

But there are also commercial, high performance server installations out there that use ReiserFS, so your milage may vary.


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