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Re: [suse-security] reiserfs (was kupdated)


* Ferdinand Schmid wrote on Sun, Dec 14, 2003 at 21:31 -0700:
> So far I only saw file Reiser file system corruption on a
> system with bad RAM.

Or bad IDE cable, controller problem, CPU heating problem, maybe
because of a died fan, ... . Such things happen. Often

> You can't blame Reier for that.  I have, however, always been
> very careful about the kernel that I am running with Reiser -
> there are certainly troublesome kernel versions out there as
> far a Reiser is concerned.

:-) What you tell sounds a little like: "it is not reliable out
of the box - but there are chances to get it run for a while".

> I did recently suffer file system corruption on an ext3
> partition (with data loss).  

I think ext3 is much more tolerant e.g. for bit-flip-errors and
such. I think that is important. Maybe on a future filesystem the
redundancy level could be a tunable. Should be more efficient to
do it on file system level; such as mirror the directory
structure but not it's contents or such.

But you are right, you cannot blame Reiser for that. But it is
everyones personal decision if he believes that he never will get
a memory or "partial" IDE cable failure or such in future in one
of his servers.



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