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Re: [suse-security] apache or apache2? [WAS: request for opinions: SuSE 9 secure as a web server?]

On Sunday 21 December 2003 20:21, Kastus wrote:
> What do you think linksys runs inside? Many of them do run embedded Linux,
> so what's the advantage of assembling a big box to run firewall instead
> of using linksys?

Well most folks who have a network to protect have older boxes around
that would serve perfectly well for a firewall.  Any old pentium can do the
job and pass all the packets you can muster.

Further, you can configure your box the way you want it, and it will be
faster than the linksys, in almost all cases.  Those are really whimpy 
processors in those boxes.

Further, you can patch your suse firewall box with the latest
security fixes.  Who know when linksys will get around to
patching theirs, and in the process of flashing a new update
onto a linksys box more than a few have been rendered useless.

The linux they run is often still 2.2 based, and farily old, although 
that alone does not render them insecure.

The most significant  thing they have going for them is price.  Very cheap,
and almost fool proof to set up.  These are reasons enough to use them
in many cases especially home users, but guys with big networks (or evem small 
networks) I would expect to set up one of their own.

John Andersen

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