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Re: [suse-security] A question and some thanks

On Wed, 2003-12-31 at 17:58, Allen K wrote:
> Hi all, I wanted to first say thanks. Everyone here seems very nice, and 
> extremly intelligent. I'v been using SuSE for almost a year now and I used to 
> be on this list and a few others before it. And I wanted to say thanks to 
> everyone here because I have learned alot about securing Linux from being 
> here.
> Question: 
> I know uptime shouldn't be the reason patches are installed, I install all 
> patches on my system but only like 2 have ever needed a reboot, and that was 
> Nvidia drivers and the kernel. So I was wondering what everyone's best uptime 
> they have ever seen was. Currently this box has ...Well, in about 30 minutes 
> it will have 27 days, and it is used daily. 28 days was my best untill a 
> power outage occured. But anyway, whats the best youv had? Or seen at a 
> place of work?
> -- 
> ____________________________________________________
> We Are 138

Once had a system that was well over a year of up time.  HP I70 (I
believe).  Was  the  groups email server, web server, lotus notes,
file/print share, development, and  used to develop a oracle
application.  Unfortunately it was the oracle admin that trashed the
raid disks.  Took better part of the night to recover the system from

Scot L. Harris <webid@cfl.rr.com>

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