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Re: [suse-security] A question and some thanks

Hi Allen

I've been mostly following the SLE-list, but also this one ofcourse :-)

I'm keeping up 4 different small companies Linux-servers.. 

They have ADSL-lines every one of them, so SuSE is acting as firewall/printer 
server/HD-server/nightly-backups/VPN-tunnels/Internet-proxy with timers and 
e-mail filterin computer among other stuff that I use them :-)

Best uptimes I had with them just before upgrading was around 250-300 days!

With Linux it is very easy to achieve uptimes over 100 days before rebooting.. 
And usually the reboot is needed because HW (like cleaning the dust from 
inside, changing fans etc).. and not because OS faults...

Ps. Happy new year to all!

Allen K kirjoitti viestissään (lähetysaika Torstai 1. Tammikuuta 2004 00:58):
> Hi all, I wanted to first say thanks. Everyone here seems very nice, and
> extremly intelligent. I'v been using SuSE for almost a year now and I used
> to be on this list and a few others before it. And I wanted to say thanks
> to everyone here because I have learned alot about securing Linux from
> being here.
> Question:
> I know uptime shouldn't be the reason patches are installed, I install all
> patches on my system but only like 2 have ever needed a reboot, and that
> was Nvidia drivers and the kernel. So I was wondering what everyone's best
> uptime they have ever seen was. Currently this box has ...Well, in about 30
> minutes it will have 27 days, and it is used daily. 28 days was my best
> untill a power outage occured. But anyway, whats the best youv had? Or seen
> at a place of work?
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