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Re: [suse-security] A question and some thanks

On Dec 31, 2003, at 2:58 PM, Allen K wrote:


I know uptime shouldn't be the reason patches are installed, I install all
patches on my system but only like 2 have ever needed a reboot, and that was
Nvidia drivers and the kernel. So I was wondering what everyone's best uptime
they have ever seen was. Currently this box has ...Well, in about 30 minutes
it will have 27 days, and it is used daily. 28 days was my best untill a
power outage occured. But anyway, whats the best youv had? Or seen at a
place of work?

We have a machine that we use for network routing and backup storage that
went well over 500 days before being knocked out by a power outage. Shortly
after that we moved the machine into a new case and since then it has been
up for 513 days. It's still running (heavily patched) Suse 6.3, which was the
latest version when the machine was assembled.


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