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[suse-security] openssh install error


When i install the openssh rpm ["rpm -i --excludedocs
openssh-3.4p1-105.i586.rpm"] the following error message is displayed
and the installation exits with a non-zero status.

linux:~ # rpm -i --excludedocs /mnt/rpms/openssh-3.4p1-105.i586.rpm
Updating etc/sysconfig/ssh...
cat: .//usr/share/doc/packages/openssh/README.SuSE: No such file or
execution of openssh-3.4p1-105 script failed, exit status 1
linux:~ # echo $?

The spec file for this openssh RPM has the following lines in the %post

%{fillup_and_insserv -n -s -y ssh sshd START_SSHD}
mkdir -p ar/adm/notify/messages
cat ./%{_defaultdocdir}/%{name}/README.SuSE
>var/adm/notify/messages/%{name} -changes

Not sure, why the postinstall section is expecting the document to be
present. Could you please help me out.

The same installation goes through fine without the --excludedocs
option. Does that mean that I can not use the --excludedocs option for
this RPM ?


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