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Re: [suse-security] Kernell update

On Tuesday 06 January 2004 14:24, Raul H. Lapitzondo wrote:

> error: failed dependencies:
>         k_i386 conflicts with k_deflt-2.4.18-154
>         k_psmp conflicts with k_deflt-2.4.18-154
>         k_smp conflicts with k_deflt-2.4.18-154
>         k_deflt conflicts with k_i386-2.4.18-154
>         k_psmp conflicts with k_i386-2.4.18-154
>         k_smp conflicts with k_i386-2.4.18-154
>         k_deflt conflicts with k_psmp-2.4.18-153
>         k_i386 conflicts with k_psmp-2.4.18-153
>         k_smp conflicts with k_psmp-2.4.18-153
>         k_deflt conflicts with k_smp-2.4.18-153
>         k_i386 conflicts with k_smp-2.4.18-153
>         k_psmp conflicts with k_smp-2.4.18-153

What does 'rpm -qa|grep k_' show? It looks like somewhere along the way you 
forced RPM to install all four kernels on the same system. That is wrong. You 
need to uninstall all but one of them and upgrade that one.

Best regards,

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