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Re: [suse-security] .viminfo


Am Dienstag, 06. Januar 2004 13:36 schrieb Lovette Burland:
> When ever I tried to save a file in vi or vim I get this error
> message. " Can't write viminfo file /root/.viminifor" Hit ENTER or
> type command to continue.

/root/.viminfo is not writeable (or directory /root is not writeable)
Just ignore the message - it's a warning only.

But I don't know what this problem has to do with security ;-)

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I'm not in the "To:" - should I inform you now? ;-)

Could you please switch off this signature for mailinglists if possible?


Christian Boltz
[Generierung der Message-ID in Evolution]
> > But if you do so, it must be globally unique.
> globally unique to the application.
Hahahahaha!! "Globaly unique" innerhalb meiner Applikation!!
Aua!!! Das ist Politiktauglich! [Ratti und > Jeffrey Stedfast]

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