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RE: [suse-security] Tripwire on SLES8

> > From these sources I seem to only be able to install Tripwire 1.2,
> > whereas I know that Tripwire 2.3 is available for SuSE Pro 8.2.
> >
> > I've used Tripwire 2.3 before, but not 1.2 - I can't help noticing
> > that with 1.2 I don't have (for example) a twadmin command.
> Wasn't there a message on the list which showed a error within 
> tihs package?

I found Tripwire 2.3 to work on SuSE 8.2 when I tried it in November.
Looking at my archive I see someone had a problem after then in SuSE 9,
2.3 broke after I installed it.
Hmm.... that PC's running Tripwire

> > I know I could just dopwnload the rpm file from
> > ftp://ftp.suse.com/pub/suse/i386/8.2/suse/i586/ but obviously I'd
> > rather only use software intended for release with SLES...
> It is better to do so, because there will be failed dependancies, or yust
> recompile it for your architecture from the source.
> http://www.tripwire.org/downloads/index.php (the source tarball only!)
> For this you need minimum cc or cpp installed and the dependancies on
> packages can be found in the readme if you unpack the tar.gz file.

I know that's an option, but I really want to have a YOU based update
system. I want to get Tripwire installed as soon as possible (obviously),
so I may take this route if there's absolutely no alternative.



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