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[suse-security] Can be Authenticated When Checking into CUPS Admin

Hello Everybody:

I am a new SuSE user. I have installed SL9.0. I want to use CUPS to configure printers on a local network. When I browse to http://localhost:631, I get the top level from CUPS. However, when I click on Administration and respond to username and password by entering my root account information, I am informed that can not be authenticated. I am stuck. I have tried with KDE (response with the authentication message) and Mozilla browser (just comes back repeatedly and asks for username and password). I don't have the same problem with RH8--although the version of CUPS are probably different. Does anyone have any ideas how I can correct the situation? If this is the wrong list, please let me know as well. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

John Dey

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