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Re: [suse-security] Can be Authenticated When Checking into CUPS Admin

On Wed, 2004-01-07 at 14:14, John Dey wrote:
> Hello Everybody:
> I am a new SuSE user.  I have installed SL9.0.  I want to use CUPS to 
> configure printers on a local network.  When I browse to 
> http://localhost:631, I get the top level from CUPS.  However, when I 
> click on Administration and respond to username and password by entering 
> my root account information, I am informed that can not be 
> authenticated.  I am stuck.  I have tried with KDE (response with the 
> authentication message) and Mozilla browser (just comes back repeatedly 
> and asks for username and password).  I don't have the same problem with 
> RH8--although the version of CUPS are probably different.  Does anyone 
> have any ideas how I can correct the situation?  If this is the wrong 
> list, please let me know as well.  Thanks in advance for your assistance.
> John Dey

cups was resently changed to have tighter security and therefore
authorized users need to be authorized using lppasswd. This was a popup
message that occurred during the install of cups. You can search the
list archives on the suse.com site for the exact syntax. Search the
suse-linux-e archives as well.

Ken Schneider
unix user since 1989
linux user since 1994
SuSE user since 1998 (5.2)

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