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Re: [suse-security] samba problem


Am Montag, 05. Januar 2004 20:25 schrieb Marcos M. Osorio:
> Hello, i have the 2.2.3a samba version on  a suse machine, the
> problem is that i want to set several policies in the shared
> directory, an example could be that some users have to only read
> permisions and other group of users full control. How can i set this?
> By the linux or by the samba?

You could use both ways ;-)

The simplest way is to set the samba configuration (for the share)
    write list  = foo bar @trusted
    read list = guest @users
This will allow write access for users foo and bar and for everybody in 
group "trusted". Everybody @users and guest will have read access.

You could also use Linux file / directory permissions and groups. 
Depending on your requirements, this can be very confusing ;-)

Another idea would be to use an ACL if your filesystem supports it.


Christian Boltz
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