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Re: [suse-security] Re: Problems with quota on k_smp 2.4.20

> After getting many posts I did a fix within /etc/init.d/quota to enable
> quotas on SL 8.2/smp kernel:

>     insmod quota_v2 # <= change here for quotas on SuSE 8.2 with quota v2

Sorry - does this only happen with the smp kernel? The smp through me
off track, but it seems to be true for any kernel. Quotas on the last
SuSE versions have been more miss than hit.

The first problem is that the module doesn't get loaded, ever since
it's compiled as a module. The correct fix for that is to add it to 
MODULES_LOADED_ON_BOOT= in /etc/sysconfig/kernel. The intscripts will
insmod it before quotas are turned on.

Another problem is that you'll get messed badly if you use 


in /etc/sysconfig/cron, and one of the directories which the want to
clear the junk out of at boot (I always use that) is on a partition for
which you have enabled quotas. The directories will get cleared before
quotas are enabled, and there's no quotacheck anywhere - oops!!

I'll take this as a reason to publish a bunch of small patches, one
fixes the above:

And there are also some for 8.1:



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