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[suse-security] Setting up firewall with DMZ

Hi All

I'm facing a new situation.

A company need to add to their current network a DMZ zone.

Currently there is ADSL-modem with firewall, and LAN with C-class networking. 
The ADSL/firewall is visible with IP

Now I would like to connect a SuSEfirewall2 with DMZ between the ADSL/firewall 
and the LAN, thus enabling a DMZ zone with a web-shop application.

Could someone quide me with subnets, what to choose.. I'm little puzzled 

I believe the DMZ should have either A or B class..?

Should I change the ADSL also to for example A-class, so that I would have 
first A-class coming inward from the ADSL, then B-class for the DMZ, and 
C-class for the LAN?



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