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[suse-security] Tripwire on SuSE 9.0??

When are the tripwire packages for 9.0 going to be fixed?

I don't want to sound like a broken record here, but it's been a good three
months since 9.0 was released and tripwire is still broken.  Tripwire isn't an
optional package, but an absolute requirement for a production server.

I'm one of the people that bought 9.0 after RedHat went berserk a couple of
months ago.  Overall, I've been quite satisfied; my desktop and the test server
have hummed along wonderfully.  But when basic security tools are still
unavailable months after release, I'm beginning question my decision.  Is this
sort of thing typical for SuSE releases?  Are you guys going down RedHat's
route of telling anyone with a small business server to pay you hundreds of
dollars for an "enterprise server" version or take a flying leap?  If so,
please tell me now so I don't waste any more time and switch to debian.  I'm
sorry to be so blunt, but this is a serious matter, and after being bitten by
Red Hat, I'm already on edge.

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