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[suse-security] trouble with installing latest kernel rpm for suse linux pro 9.0 (maybe fou4s/you related?)

hi there,

little story:

i wanted perform some tests in a demo setup.

hardware: simple pentium3 intel bx board, nothing special, 3com 100mbit
pci nic, everything else not that important.

first installing an old suse 7.3 pro on it. normal base setup, kde,
bind9, squid, no extra packages than the standard selection (dont recall
the exact name of it any more, never mind). the only thing i added
manually after the 7.3 setup, was the current fou4s

then after the clean install of 7.3 pro, uprading that system to suse
9.0 pro with the CDs.

during install there were some little error messages from the samba
packages and cups if i remember correctly, but thats maybe cos in the
7.3 clean demo setup, i didnt configure anything at all.

ok, so the 9.0 upgrade finished all right, then i started up YAST/YOU,
and it installed all the red and blue packages/updates from the ftp/http

the only problem with this, was the issue, that on this box (being an
intel/pentium3) the k_dftl was running, but the YOU suggested an athlon
kernel, so i unchecked that package. (i think i recall some
discussion/complaint from this list from last week or so, where other
ppl also reported that YOU wanted to download an amd/athlon package,
instead of the k_dflt one. (so i switched to fou4s, read below)

then i rebooted after YOU, and the system came up just fine.

now i started fou4s, and it gave me the correct missing update for the
k_dflt package, and not the athlon one.

so i made fou4s install that package.

now here the problems started.

after the reboot, the system came up with heaps of error messages, being
unable to load various modules, especially the network and all kinds of
other stuff as well.

uname -a still shows the old kernel build, but in /boot/ there is
already the new kernel .21-166, and rpm -aq | grep k_ also gives me the
new build.

i am not that of a kernel/linux expert, but i read through

and i thought, well maybe i need to do



lilo again.

so i did, mk_initrd was fine, but lilo gave me some strange output,
saying that

/boot/message was missing or non existand or such stuff.

now i verified that, and its true, there is no "message" file in /boot/

i have some other suse 9.0 pro cleanly installed box, and that runs some
older .21-144 patch/kernel (from last week or such if i remember it
correctly), and that has a /boot/message file which is like 64kbyte in

now i am wonder what went wrong....

any advice about this problem?

thanks already and cheers,

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