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Re: [suse-security] Crypted filesystem

On Friday, 9. January 2004 15:34, Philippe Vogel wrote:
> I use grub and can boot linux with Floppy but not by placing an image on
> c:\ and using w2k bootloader.
I thought you are using the Compusec bootloader. And actually it should be 
the Linux bootloader loading Windows, not the other way around. So, how do 
you _want_ your system to boot?

> The image i made shows to /dev/hdb3/boot/grub/stage2 and says something
> from over 1024 cylinder error, but grub doesn't have this problem afaik.

Actually it shouldn't have this problem. Maybe it is simply that your BIOS's 
implementation of LBA is flawed so that grub doesn't get along with it. In 
this case the grub documentation suggests using the --force-lba option. Also 
make sure you have LBA activated in your BIOS (it should be). I guess you 
should try this first as it might solve your entire problem.

You _might_ have avoided the whole problem by smartly setting up your 
partitions like this:
hdb1 /boot
hdb2 swap
hdb3 /
hdb4 /home
This will avoid any 1024 cylinder issue and will also _slightly_ improve 
performance as frequently used data is physically closer together on your 

You also wrote that you have two  partitions for windows, right? Why do you 
have both of them encrypted? You could have one unencrypted partition for the 
OS itself and one for _all_ kinds of user data, just like what you did for 
Linux. This would be a setup that's much easier to understand&set up. It 
would also make it much easier to exchange data between Linux and Windows if 
you had an unencrypted windows partition.


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