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[suse-security] Advice Please - Extending a Network

I have an existing local network connected using 'old' ethernet nics and coax cabling.
It is connected via a Linux 8.2 machine to the internet on a Broadband Cable Modem.

The Linux machine is a gateway and runs DHCP, DNS, Squid, SuSEFirewall2, Samba to provide services to the network.

I want to progressively migrate the local connections to 100 Mb/s Twisted Pair, so during the transition I shall have a third nic in the machine with some hosts on the coax and some on the RJ45/100 Mb/s

How do I configure the services to support the additional local network, with minimum disruption to the existing (unmigrated hosts).

The Linux machine has a fixed IP address in the local net ( and allocates IP addresses in the range

I want all the hosts to continue to 'see' one another during the transition.  Can I uses similar addresses on the new subnet (e.g. set the nic as and assign addresses or do I need to use a new subnet (e.g 192.168.1.xxx)

Many thanks for specific advice or some pointers to where to find the answers.