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Re: [suse-security] Advice Please - Extending a Network

Hi there,

Am Sam, den 10.01.2004 schrieb John Andersen um 10:56:

> Don't add another nic, It complicates matters beyond need.

He's right. Replace NICs in every PC step by step, beginning with the

> Replace your existing server nic with a 10/100 nic, any one will do,
> intel works nice, as do most of the $10 nics.

An additional hint: buy a nic that takes away stress from the CPU.
Cheaper NICs leave much work to the CPU, like those Realtek chipsets.
This is not a problem with fast CPUs but you'll notice the difference on
weaker machines, like the battered Pentiums that route my network. A
3COM or Intel is usually a good choice.

> Go down to the computer store and find a  SMALL (5port) 10/100 switch
> (or hub).

Don't buy a hub. Buy a switch. I'm not sure this is totally right, but
as far as I know a hub only takes the lowest speed connected while a
switch can mix 100MBit and 10MBit. Is this right or do I confuse
something here? I don't know for sure but I heard that switches have
less problems with packet collisions because they route by hardware
address? Does this make sense?

I have two low cost 8 Port Switches here at home and they work perfectly

> If lucky, you will find one with a cat5 port as well as a coax 
> port.  Connect coax to it, and plug your server into one of the cat
> 5 ports, or any combination of that which works.

Actually, you don't need a switch/hub with a coax port. Since you're
moving away from coax cable soon, you can as well connect those old
10MBit NICs with twisted par cables immediately. I assume those old NICs
you are going to replace have a connection for coax AND twisted pair?
Normally a 10MBit card has those two connectors. If yes, don't invest in
something you are not going to need in the future. Buy a regular switch,
buy cables to replace every coax cable now and replace NICs step by

> Remember, all you want this cheap hub/switch for is its coax port.
> So if you can't find one, buy one without a coax port and offer it in
> trade to anyone who has an older hub which almost always had
> coax ports.

See alternative above.

> Since you will be buying a big switch to handle the whole house
> anyway, make sure its 10/100 autosensing, and you can
> plug any old 10meg hub into it to carry the load till you
> cut over.

I totally agree. But you don't need the coax connection if you replace
the cabling immediately. You don't have to change a thing at the old PCs
if you use twisted pair instead of coax, so there really isn't any need
to stick with the coax.

> Don't add another nic, its just more routeing problems than
> you need.

Yes, this is true. It would be another story if you were using a token
ring network though ;-)

Tobias W.

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