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Re: [suse-security] Advice Please - Extending a Network

Hi Philip,

my experience is: if you offer more bandwith, they will use it! Nowadays
most people need advice to upgrade their backbone from 100 to Giga...

So my advice is:

- buy a cheap GigaNIC (Copper, 32 Bit PCI) for your Server(s)
- buy a good switch, 10/100 MBit, with GBIC-Slot or Copper-Gigabit uplink
- buy a cheap (used) Hub with 10BaseT and 10Base2
- only use Cat6-cable (for Giga) for the new wiring, nearly no extra charge
to Cat5 (only 100 MBit)
- Think about technologies like vlan, Voice over IP, Power over Ethernet -
don´t invest money in the wrong cabling
- If you have to deal with elektrosmog, use fiber


- Your fileserver and "main" switch is prepared for the future
- You can easily remove your coax "room for room", using the Hub at the end
of the coax


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