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Re: [suse-security] trouble with installing latest kernel rpm for suse linux pro 9.0 (maybe fou4s/you related?)

> No playing.
> Better install a clean 9.0 or a clean 7.3.
> Since 8.0 there were several changes in filelocation.
> Maybe there are minor changes between 8.x and 9.0.
> So the better choice is to install a 9.0 from a clean hdd or format
> partitions for your system.

i did these lab tests, cos i have a suse 7.3 production box, that needs
to be upgraded to 9.0.

so basically my experience was some of a catastrophy, cos the latest
kernel patch for 9.0 ended up in rendering this system useless...

any it was just a clean 7.3 install and a normal upgrade with 9.0 onto

so i ask myself why doesnt suse give much more attention to these
upgrade scenarios.

btw, so what about this missing /boot/message file? where does that come
from and how do i get/generate it? cos this system is now messed up and
totally usless. and i dont want to kill the production 7.3 system in the
same way.

any ideas? thanks.


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