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Re: [suse-security] Advice Please - Extending a Network

Hello there,

sorry my answer didn't come faster but I didn't get most of the list
emails until now.

Am Son, den 11.01.2004 schrieb John Andersen um 01:45:
> No he can't.  Didn'ty you read his post?

Yes he can and yes, I read his post.

> He needs them on line while he systematically replaces/adds
> wireing.  That's the whole crux of his post. I'm supprised
> you missed his major point.

No. Please read what I have written.

A 10MBit NIC usually has TWO connectors. ONE for coax AND one for
twisted pair. He can plug out the coax and plug in the twisted pair in
the other connector and everything will run as usual.

That's exactly why you should have read MY post before righting this.


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