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Re: [suse-security] Advice Please - Extending a Network

Hi John,

You don't want to understand me, do you? :-)

Am Son, den 11.01.2004 schrieb John Andersen um 22:08:
> On Sunday 11 January 2004 05:57, Tobias Weisserth wrote:
> > A 10MBit NIC usually has TWO connectors. ONE for coax AND one for
> > twisted pair. He can plug out the coax and plug in the twisted pair in
> > the other connector and everything will run as usual.
> No, these are an either - or ports.

Read what I have written. If it helps read it aloud:

He can plug out the coax.

Can you follow me?

Then he can plug in the twisted pair into the other connector.

How many cable connections does he have in one card after he plugs out
the coax and plugs in the twisted pair? This shouldn't be too hard to
figure. It's one if that helps you ;-)

> You can not use both at the same time.

Which I didn't say because he can replace ALL the coax cables WITHOUT
having to change the 10MBit NICs immediately or any configuration
settings at those PCs. If he plans to replace the coax cabling anyway
there is really no point in sticking to it and add twisted pair
additionally step by step. This only complicates things and makes it
more expensive. A 10MBit NIC doesn't bother whether a coax cable or a
twisted pair is connected. So get rid of the coax now and use twisted
pair and then change the 10MBit cards step by step with 100MBit cards.
It's as easy as this. Trust me, I've done it.

> If you had ever bothered to try this yourself
> you would know this.

I do this all the time. It isn't that hard to replace one coax cable in
a card and simply plug in a twisted pair cable into the other connector.

BTW: no offence meant but you really should consider reading AND
apprehending what I have written before posting.


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