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[suse-security] request for sec. project

dear all

I'm in the last semester of my studies in computer science. We have to do a semester work which mostly leads to the diploma work. One possibility is to do the project in the security course.

The projects proposed by our teachers are rather boaring and most of their ideas are already solved! I really would like to do something that can be used and not dies after the school project is over.

This is the reason why i post to the list!
I'm in hope someone of you has a concrete idea for a security project. This may be something you always missed in your everydays life, something your company needs or an extension to a project you, your company or somebody else did.

The only conditions are that it has to be open source, should run on linux (and hopefully on all unix-like systems) and not consists (largely) of GUI development.

Likely this project will be done by 2 persons which work about 15 weeks each on this project. We have skills in c/c++/perl/shells scripts and have already worked with a lot of security stuff (snort/iptables/vpn/etc).

If you know an other "cool" linux project which is not security related it may be also interesting (for example something operating system related or an OpenGL visualisation). please write me such proposals off list!

thank you very much
markus roth

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