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Re: [suse-security] remote upgradeability of suse linux pro (7.3, 8, 8.1, 8.2) editions

Andreas Bittner wrote:
i was looking for some information on the possibility of how to remotly
upgrade a suse linux system from some older release to a newer one
(having all the dvd/cd media, but no physical access to the target
boxes, only ssh/shell).

the only access i have would be ssh/scp and tunneling, and maybe enough
disk space and inet connection, for maybe transfering files/media-images
to the target boxes, or remotely mount.

From what I've read SuSE does not support remote upgrades, it seems you
need to do so by booting the computer(s) in question using the CDs and
proceed from there. Needless to say that isn't always convenient. I've
seen numerous articles about successful upgrades using aptrpm..


If I'm wrong about SuSE not supporting remote upgrades then please
correct me. If I'm not then I think this is something SuSE should
definetly address. Perhaps even adopt aptrpm officially? Or maybe that's
just wishful thinking on my part =P

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