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Re: [suse-security] Tripwire on SuSE 9.0?? SOLVED!

suse@xxxxxx schrieb:

Thanks to Philippe Vogel, who pointed out to me that the reason tripwire doesn't
work in 9.0 is due to gcc 3.x, I figured out that there is no reason why the
tripwire that was shipped with suse 8.2 shouldn't work.


This installs and appears to work perfectly on a Suse 9.0 system.  Why the Suse
people don't simply copy the above into the 9.0 tree is quite beyond me, but
for anyone that wants to use tripwire, there's the solution.  I'll bring my
cluebat to suse booth at Linux Expo later this month, perhaps that will help...

Hi *,

searching a little bit...because

rpm -U tripwire-2.3.1-25.i586.rpm
package tripwire-2.3.1-94 (which is newer than tripwire-2.3.1-25) is already installed

i found this here:


but i got still an error:

arcos:/etc/tripwire # twadmin --create-cfgfile -S site.key twcfg.txt
Please enter your site passphrase:
Software interrupt forced exit: Segmentation Fault

Where can i get a working tripwire?

tripwire-2.3.1-2.tar.gz from tripwire.org also do not work

on Suse 9.0


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