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[suse-security] Re: PPTP Server behind NAT/DMZ

On Thu, 15 Jan 2004, Marco Lum wrote:

> I have a problem which setup a PPTP Server behind NAT DMZ, Network like:
> www.xxxx.yyy.zzz (Fixed IP) --NAT -- Router)-----DMZ
> I Found most of normal service work well like apache, FTP etc, But PoPTP
> can not connect link success, Seems no respone after auth username &
> Password.

You need Support-Modules for PPTP through NAT.

These exist, but are not part of the normal linux kernel, so you will
have to compile your own kernel. You can get them from the
netfilter/iptables patch-o-matic from netfilter.org, they are part of the
"extra" section.

Docs how to apply these patches should be available on netfilter.org too.



The Internet treats censorship as a routing problem, and routes around it.
(John Gilmore on http://www.cygnus.com/~gnu/)

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