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Re: [suse-security] Hi

On Monday 19 January 2004 17.32, Kevin Brannen wrote:
> While that might be nice, does it really matter?  (bandwidth issues
> aside)  I mean, we're all running Linux, so what's an ms-windows .exe
> really going to do even if I do [stupidly] click on it?  And besides,
> all of us here know better than to run executables sent to us that we
> didn't ask for. ;-)
> Kevin

Filtering out Windows executables, are, in general a nice thing to do for 
those e-mail users that have to use Windows as desktop.  For this list, one 
might as well just remove all attachments, not matter what. And, in addition, 
we reject e-mail with certain types of extensions at our own mail servers. 


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