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Re: [suse-security] Hi

>> Philippe Vogel wrote:
>> >>Test =)
>> >>rdlfhqs
>> >>--
>> >>Test, yep.
>> >
>> >
>> > What's up with this?
>> > Is there a poeml@xxxxxxx?
>> Yes, it is - somewhere in the Security Team, but, if the message has
>> poeml@xxxxxxx as sender,doesn't mean that either he is infected or that
>> he sent that infected message. This is the main spreading method used by
>> the internet worms - collects email addresses and spread using those
>> email addresses as senders.
>> So, don't blame poeml :)
> No, poeml (apache1/2) will in fact not use m$ products :-)
> In the headers of the original mail you cannot see the recipient, because
> it's been forwarded to the list.
> Philippe

This virus was picked up by F-Prot, Trend and ClamAV on my system.  It was
the Worm_Bagle virus which spoofs the sender address.  "So don't blame
poem1 :)" is correct!


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