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[suse-security] Sophos Anti-Virus IDE alert: W32/Bagle-A (fwd)

Perhaps Suse needs to scan all mail for this list for

Some information here.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
To: notification@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From: Sophos Alert System <notification-return@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Sophos Anti-Virus IDE alert: W32/Bagle-A

Name: W32/Bagle-A
Aliases: W32.Beagle.A@mm, Win32.Bbgle.A@mm
Type: Win32 worm
Date: 19 January 2004

A virus identity (IDE) file which provides protection is
available now from the Latest virus identities section, and will
be incorporated into the March 2004 (3.79) release of Sophos

Sophos has received several reports of this worm from the wild.

Information about W32/Bagle-A can be found at:

Download the IDE file from:

Download all the IDE files available for the current version of
Sophos Anti-Virus in a single compressed file. The file is
available in two formats:

Zip file:

Self-extracting file:

Read about how to use IDE files at

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